Localization and dubbing service

At Sierra Studios our reputation in audio post-production is founded in our localisation - dubbing work that we have been doing for over 15 years. Our high quality creative and technical standards have enabled us to work with many of the major production companies worldwide. A wide selection of room sizes are available ranging from areas that can comfortably seat two artists , to rooms that can house 80 piece choral ensembles.

The services we provide are:
-Theatrical and Home video dialogue recordings and Mixing.

-TV Broadcast programme.
-Games localization.
-Multi media. (Web, corporate, etc.)
-Translations of all kind….

Production Management – Casting

Sierra’s production team has been proven to be our most valuable tool, for our success.
Clear vision of every project’s goal, excellent production skills overwhelmed with talent, fantasy and efficiency, in depth know how of all related industries( TV, Theatrical, Music, interactive media), among with our team’s technical expertise, is the reason of Sierra’s leading edge.
Our creative team consists of the industry’s most talented translators, dialogue and music directors, actors, narrators, singers, recording and mixing engineers.
Using our 9 recording studios, and with each project assigned to a dedicated production manager, Sierra is capable to dub up to 400 episodes per month, combining creative and technical excellence, with a 100% accuracy in our deliveries, and always providing the best prices for our clients.
We are proud to be the first studio to include Greece major Star talents in our productions with astonishing artistic and box office results. Some of our Stars that honored us with their appearances are:

Music recording & mixing

Sierra Studios are synonymous to music recording and mixing in Greece since the late 70’s. Our huge list of credits nationally and internationally, is Sierra’s footprint to the sound of our Music Industry, for the last 30 years.
We provide highly professional facilities to record and mix music productions, from Analogue – Vintage to Full digital environments, among with the best sound engineers in town.Sierra is also leading the way in Greece in providing facilities for Multitrack recording on location, live mixing for TV and Radio.

Advertising and Jingles
Using our talented in house music production team, Sierra provides
original music, sound design, voice and vocal recordings, production for commercials, to the advertising industry (Theatrical, TV and radio) with great success and with a huge clientele base.

Sierra offers a state of the art language transfer for all Medias, using a network of 40 associates.Open captioning subtitling. Close captioning subtitling DVB and Teletext. Subtitling for individuals with special needs.

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